Supervet Features a Happy Ending for Berlioz –
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Supervet Features a Happy Ending for Berlioz

After suffering serious head injuries in an accident crossing the road, Berlioz the Asian cat is taken to Fitzpatrick Referrals to restore his sight and fractured jaw. It is nail-biting journey for his owners, Ali and Owen, as they seek comfort with Marie, his companion cat while waiting for news at home.

Fortunately, Noel is able to surgically repair Berlioz’ jaw and his eye. Noel says 'I'm so delighted for this lovely cat that he was able to return safely home to his family.' Many cat owners who have suffered tragedy and heartache after an injury to their beloved cat search for a solution to prevent the same occurrence from happening again.

For Ali and Owen, they find the optimum balance between quality of life outdoors and safety for Marie and Berlioz, when ordering a professional installation of ProtectaPet cat fencing. The UK-wide team of fitters travel to their home in London and spend the day working to cat-proof the border of their garden. This poses some tricky challenges around gates and sheds but with expertise of 2,000 installations behind them, the ProtectaPet team have the expertise.

The ProtectaPet cat fence barrier sits neatly along the top of the fence and while its’ sleek design and black powdercoating gives it an unobtrusive finish: it is effective. Owen exclaims, ‘Not even Spiderman can get out of this!’ The system is modular so that a combination of components can be used to cat proof any boundary from privet hedge to walls while nearby urban gardens have opted for a catios and cat balcony enclosures.

Asian cats are known for their strength and agility so the ProtectaPet bracket features strength though its integral design. There are no moving parts for durability and minimum maintenance is required. All the components are designed and manufactured in the UK for a premium finish and longevity. Best of all, owners can enjoy peace of mind about their cat’s whereabouts. 

Finally - I’m sure you were wondering - the two Asian cats are named after the Disney kittens in Aristocrats and when 2 million viewers tune into Supervet, they shared the fame of their namesakes! This Asian Cat leaves the Supervet with 8 lives intact!